Body Memory Process

Discover your childhood vows, change your life!

When we were very young, we decided how I am…, they are…, and life is…
​Those beliefs are still in place until we discover, disavow and change them.

What We Do

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​ We’re committed to helping others break free of unwanted behavior patterns,
​improve their health and well being, and become empowered to achieve their dreams.

The power to discover your childhood vows and change your life – in your hands!

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Our Workshops

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Making Beliefs

When you were a child, you weren’t just playing make-believe, you were making beliefs (vows). The vows you made as a child still impact your life until you discover them and have the opportunity to choose to believe something else.

​Are the beliefs you created as a child or a baby within the womb working for you as an adult? They could be making you ill or holding you back from your dreams.

The Body Memory Process (BMP) can assist you with permanently healing health issues because it gets to their underlying cause. It can also unlock the secret to having relationships that work, financial freedom, and finding your dream job.

Our Workshops

  • Values Clarification 
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Pro-Spirit-y
  • Relationships
  • What Is In Your Wor(l)d?
  • The Body Memory Process Body Map
  • The Value Of Chaos​

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I have had several private sessions with David Sohn which have helped me tremendously.

— Sondra Ray, Founder of the Loving Relationships Training and author of many self-help books.​

Finally! David Sohn reveals his new and proven process of ‘escape’ from the restrictive and destructive patterns established in early childhood, at birth, and even before. Everyone can apply the process to their lives. It’s easy — and it works! Sohn has sown — read it and reap!

— Jerry Bartholow, author of Peace Soup

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